Direct Calendaring

Free E-Delivery for Case Management Statements

Effective June 1, 2010, to expedite the filing and judicial review of civil Case Management Statements, the court implemented a free E-Delivery service via email.

Effective April 15, 2014, civil Case Management Statements submitted through E-Delivery must be faxed directly to the designated fax number.

E-Delivery Fax Number (510) 267-5732

You can use the fillable CM 110 from the Judicial Council website. The CM-110 does not require a signature. CM 110 is mandatory for all cases other than Complex Litigation cases. If your computer has a fax program installed, you can submit your document electronically. Otherwise, you will need to use a fax machine.

Your statement will be reviewed, and if acceptable for filing, will be available for viewing on DomainWeb by the end of the next business day. If you do not see it, please contact the Fax Filing staff at (510) 690-2705. Please note this service is limited to civil Case Management Statements only.

This Service Is Free

Court Reporters

NOTICE: Effective June 4, 2012, the court will not provide a court reporter for law and motion hearings, or any other hearing or trial, in civil and probate departments. See amended Local Rule 3.95 for details.

Judge's Name Department Number
Appel, Lawrence John16
Bereola, Gail Brewster19
Carvill, Wynne 21
Colwell, Kimberly E.18
Freedman, Robert B.20
Gee, Delbert C.510
Grillo, Evelio 31
Harbin-Forte, Brenda 516
Hayashi, Dennis 522
Hernandez, Jr., George C.17
Kaus, Stephen 514
Kolakowski, Victoria S.520
Lee, Jo-Lynne Q.30
MacLaren, Ronni 25
McGuiness, Robert 22
Petrou, Ioana 15
Roesch, Frank 24
Spain, Julia 705
True, III, John M.23

19 departments found.